Sea Serpent - Self Promo Project

Hello! It's been a while since I've posted any school work. This was my final assignment for my pre-press class last semester.
It's a bit late, but better late than never, right?

The assignment was to create a self-promotional piece and its shipping container. The idea behind this was that the box needed to pass anyone filtering out mail; so that my project would actually reach who it was intended for, like an executive for a design firm, for example.

I chose to make a box designed after a sea serpent character I made up. The cover of the box is made up of two sheets of card stock that were mounted together. They were then scored, cut, and glued into a box shape.

To keep the box shut, I made a band that also doubled as the serpent's open mouth. When the band is slipped off, a different mouth is revealed underneath.

The bottom of the box was composed in a similar manner, however, it was reinforced with measured slabs of foam core (this was the hardest part of the project). The outcome is a sturdy box, but probably not sturdy enough to ship without getting banged up.

Snug inside the box is an introductory pamphlet, along with another serpent. The picture below also shows the other side of the cover of the box.

The smaller serpent acts as a sort of picture frame for my business card.

One side of my card has my information, the other side completes the serpent's mouth.

My thought process behind this was to get the receiver to keep the serpent on their desk, whether they displayed my name or not. Regardless, they'd subconsciously think of me each time they saw it. Right? Haha

The pamphlet unfolds to show a quick explanation of my box and it's contents.

The bottom has a RQ code that scans to my website But that's is still under construction.

the box with all it's contents 

Thanks for looking