Creature Designs for the Lulz

Before mating, these horny creatures undergo a mating ritual where the male caresses his horn against the female's back until she accepts him. This process can last several days.

These fish are too paranoid to allow any form of documentation to be taken on them. Ergo, little is know about the Querbo.

Fly Wogger
The Fly Wogger spends its life sitting in patches of sunlight all day with its mouth gaping, releasing a scent that attracts flies, their main source of food. To avoid catching the attention of predators, these cold blooded creatures are disguised as tree stumps.

These small, ancient critters are thought to be related to dinosaurs. They scurry along desert plains at extremely high speeds, looking for succulent cacti. Their horn allows them to burst open these guarded plants without harming themselves.